Dynatrace Introduces AIOps to Kubernetes

Episode 89 · August 23rd, 2019 · 33 mins 32 secs

About this Episode

This week we spoke with Andreas Grabner, a DevOps Activist at Dynatrace, about why Kubernetes and artificial intelligence (AI) are made for each other.

Grabner wrote a contributed post for us last week, “How AI Solves the Kubernetes Complexity Conundrum” in which he argues that integrating Kubernetes with artificial intelligence and an AIOps culture can make Kubernetes deployments more manageable for IT and DevOps teams. Dynatrace, a sponsor of The New Stack, builds AI-assisted, full stack and completely automated monitoring software for dynamic, web-scale, hybrid cloud ecosystem.

"Kubernetes offers enterprises a valuable new tool for kicking digital transformations and time-to-market timetables into a new gear. But to take full advantage of it, IT and DevOps need to drive a culture shift toward AI and automation; most other existing IT approaches simply do not adequately work or scale in this new world," Grabner wrote in the blog.