This Week on The New Stack: OSCON and Java Container Images

Episode 35 · July 13th, 2018 · 31 mins 21 secs

About this Episode

This week we spoke with our San Francisco correspondent Alex Handy about containerizing Java applications. The Google Cloud Platform recently released Jib, a new open-source container image builder for Java developers. Google says that Jib “does not require you to write a Dockerfile or have docker installed, and it is directly integrated into [the] Maven and Gradle,” Java build tools. Jib comes with many of the cloud-native build-tool features you’d expect, including incremental builds, a configuration-as-code approach, and reproducible build images for faster deployments and rollbacks.

We spoke with Handy about why you’d even want to run a Java application in a container and the recent updates in Java 10 that aim to reduce the challenges that come with CPU and memory usage when Java runs in a container.

Then, later in the show, we previewed O’Reilly’s open source conference, OSCON, which is back in Portland this year. TNS editor-in-chief Alex Williams and I will be at OSCON next week, attending sessions and talking to folks on the ground. We spoke about what we’re looking forward to at that event. And you can catch our livestream on The New Stack Founder Alex Williams's Twitter feed (@alexwilliams), next Tuesday and Wednesday.