This Week in News: Kubernetes Alone Does Not a Market Make

Episode 14 · February 9th, 2018 · 36 mins

About this Episode

This week we are still talking about the CoreOS acquisition by Red Hat last week. TNS contributor Scott M. Fulton had the chance to talk with CoreOS CEO Alex Polvi and  Red Hat’s vice president for OpenShift Ashesh Badani, for a story on TNS. He got the lowdown on what “may” happen to products like Tectonic and Container Linux now that they’re part of Red Hat’s portfolio.  “May” being the keyword here.

The New Stack also launched a free ebook this week on Kubernetes Deployment and Security Patterns which helps ops teams evaluate Kubernetes based on their organizations’ needs and how they manage workloads. The size of your organization and the number of containers you deploy really determine the challenges you face with a Kubernetes deployment, for example. We’ll dive into some of the data and share what we learned.

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