The New Stack Context: Operators Can Be a Security Hazard

Episode 136 · July 31st, 2020 · 35 mins 44 secs

About this Episode

A few years back, Kubernetes was in full development and many of its basic concepts were still evolving, so security was not a huge priority. But as K8s deployments have moved into production, more attention is being focused in securing Kubernetes and its workloads. Gadi Naor has been following Kubernetes security from the start. Alcide, the company Naor founded and now serves as CTO, offers an end-to-end Kubernetes security platform.

For this week’s episode of The New Stack Context podcast, we speak with Naor about a variety of Kubernetes security-related topics. Last week, Naor hosted a Kubernetes security webinar for the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, which in addition to offering many helpful hints, discussed in detail the spate of recent vulnerabilities found in Kubernetes. And for The New Stack, he wrote about the problem of configuration drift in Kubernetes, and why it can’t be solved simply through continuous integration tools.

TNS editorial and marketing director Libby Clark hosted this episode, alongside TNS senior editor Richard MacManus, and TNS managing editor Joab Jackson.

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