The New Stack Context: Serverless Web Content Delivery with JAMstack

Episode 135 · July 24th, 2020 · 41 mins 38 secs

About this Episode

There is a new architecture for frontend web development: JAMStack rethinks the current server-browser architecture, freeing the developer from fiddling with Apache, Linux or other aspects of backend support.

For this week’s episode of The New Stack Context podcast, we speak with Guillermo Rauch, founder and CEO of Vercel, which offers a JAMstack-based service that allows developers to simply push their code to git in order to update their web site or application. Key to this platform is an open source user interface framework created by Rauch, called Next.js, based on Facebook’s React, but tweaked to make it easier to build user interfaces not only for the developer but even for the designer.

TNS editorial and marketing director Libby Clark hosted this episode, alongside TNS senior editor Richard MacManus, and TNS managing editor Joab Jackson.

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